Session Data

The Session Data manager provides an information dashboard summarizing the states of active Puzzlebox Jigsaw components and allows data collected about the test user's session to be saved and exported to external files for later review and analysis.


  • Session Profile - It is recommended to provide a unique name for each test user.
  • Save - Session data will be saved into the Puzzlebox Synapse standard format, which includes complete raw EEG signals for the entire session. These signals are useful for future analysis of the current session using new algorithms as they become available. Once per second NeuroSky eSense measurements of "Attention" and "Meditation" taken by the EEG component are recorded against the current full URL displayed by the Web Browser component.
  • Export - Session data can be exported into CSV format, suitable for display and visualization using spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. Raw EEG signals are not included for the sake of brevity and readability.
  • Reset - The current session data can be reset at any time.
  • Active Plug-ins - Lists the component currently in operation. For details on the data display by each component please refer to their Help page.
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