Web Browser

The Web Browser is typically the only component to which a test user is exposed. When the EEG component is activated the current URL the test user is viewing will be included in the data being recorded by the Session component (at a rate of once per second). Functionality is stripped back to the basics and does not permit the visiting of multiple pages simultaneously in order to keep the captured data logs clear and concise. Developers and QA administrators can use the built-in JavaScript API to completely automate the recording of user session data according to individual tasks.


  • Back - Return to previous URL visited
  • Forward - Progress forward through recent browser history
  • Location Bar - Manually load another web URL
  • Stop - Interrupt the connection, downloading, or rendering of a web page
  • Reload - Reconnect to current URL and redisplay content
  • Status Bar - Indicates the current progress of loading and displaying a URL
  • Default Homepage URL - This setting can be controlled by manually editing the "puzzlebox_jigsaw_configuration.ini" on the local filesystem
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